We are inspired to work with the waste stream and reduce the consumption of our limited natural resources. We believe our acoustic product is one solution and we are currently working on more ways to deliver healthy acoustics. 

Extruded polyester

No fiberglass, or adhesives. Our approach is simple, with only one material. FSorb is extruded, recycled content polyester, shaped and formed with heat. For more technical information, please click below.



FSorb panels have endless customization options, depending on your designer and installer. It is easy to cut, shape, paint, screen print, and hang. We have a range of examples for ideas, yet don't be limited by what you see, contact us for samples to try out your own customization ideas to get the unique look you want.

  • 24 Colors - solid color polyester

  • Shapes - unlimited potential, ask your installer

  • Screen printing - fun endless options 

  • Fasteners - multiple ways to hang, install


Our product is designed to be recycleable at its end of life. The primary goal was to create durable panels that last a long time. As we grow into other markets we are also working on expanding our recycling network. For markets in the Pacific Northwest please contact us for drop off locations. 


Our acoustic panel research and development is currently exploring new localized waste and organic materials to evolve into new product lines.

Made from plastic 

  • Antimicrobial - unlike cotton and fabric acoustic products that can attract mold and mildew 

  • Durable - easy to wash, and does not ding or break like paper and fiber based products

  • Long lasting - ability to absorb sound and still look good for 50 years or more

  • Safe - no chemicals, or itchy airborne particles for building users to ever deal with 

  • LEED & LBC product Declarations 

Durable Acoustic panels

Wall and ceiling panel options:

Minimize your waste during construction by using FSorb panels that are durable and easy to clean. 

Fire Protection

We do not want you or your customers to ever experience a fire, yet if you do, all FSorb products have the following fire rating: 

  • Class 'A' NFPA rating

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